TIN Facilitation Centres

TIN Facilitation Centre

The advancements in technology paved a way to break down the complexities of various works pertaining to our day-to-day life. Moreso, government services have always been time-consuming as long as it was manual. Thanks to e-governance that has simplified many time-taking procedures, making most of the services a cake walk. We have moved a lot ahead of the times when we had to schedule our hours and days standing and waiting for a petty work to be done. We have reached a point where we can get all the minor and major things done in a few clicks.

Karvy Data Management Service is here to bring technology a little closer to you and help you out with your tax management, PAN/TAN related issues and many more.

Here are a few services you can be helped with at our TIN Facilitation Centres.

PAN Services

Whether it is a new PAN application or request for changes in an existing PAN, at our TIN Facilitation Centres, all the PAN related services are offered. We process your applications seamlessly and keep you at bay.

TAN Services

If you need to register for a new TAN number for your business, you can get them without any hassle through our TIN Facilitation Centres. Our services also help you if you require a change in your existing TAN account.

AIR Acceptance

Our TIN Facilitation Centres accept your Annual Information Return (AIR) of high-value financial transactions for specified transactions in a financial year, making your job uncomplicated.

Annual Tax Statement View

A PAN card holder can view Form 26AS to know the details of his tax credit maintained by the Income Tax Department from our TIN Facilitation Centres at ease.

Quarterly Statement Status

Deductors who have uploaded their statements can access details of their statements including financial information through our TIN Facilitation Centres.

TDS/TCS Returns

Karvy’s TIN Facilitation Centres simplify your Tax Collection and Tax Deduction procedures. Our services allow you to file your returns in the simplest way. We accept both electronic and physical return systems, making your job much easier.