In the world today, when organization are focusing on building their core competencies, we at KDMSL partner with our customers to optimize their business processes without compromising on customer satisfaction or affecting risk management. We believe in being the industry best and have a focused approach to help our clients improve the ways they do business by continuously improving their processes by applying the principles of Business Process Management (BPM), Lean and Six Sigma through innovation and technology customized to meet their specific needs.

Our Advantage

1. Delivery Model

At KDMSL, we believe that our end to end capability model and 3 decades of delivery experience gives us an edge to servicing client requirements. Our service delivery model, vast branch network, BPM capabilities and IT edge helps us provide our customers a unique way of improving their processes and transform their businesses to deliver quality service and superior customer experience while reducing costs.

2. Engagement Approach & Practices

When companies succeed at Relationship Management, they improve operational effectiveness, develop internal talent, manage costs, and enable superior customer experiences. At KDMS, we strongly believe that customer retention is the key to success, both for us as well as for our customers.

Our commitment is to help clients meet their business challenges, by designing and implementing customized solutions to excel and take clients’ business to a new dimension of professional success. Our service capability and 360 degree engagement approach ensures we build a structure that has touch points across the entire customer relationship life cycle right from Customer Acquisition through In-life management to Customer Retention services.

3. Due Diligence & Transition

The most challenging phase of any business process outsourcing is the “Transition Phase”. At KDMSL, we have designed a robust, six sigma based model to ensure that the entire transition process is smooth, transparent and delivers maximum benefit to our customers.

The key objective of this model is to mitigate the business and operational risks and maintain continuity of the client’s business and operations. Every stage of the cycle is closely monitored and a toll gate review is scheduled at the end to get customer signoff on our understanding of the processes.

4. Domain Expertise

Our management team comes from the industry with several years of experience in the industry verticals and organizations that serve the industry. We believe that this rich experience would help us inderstand the client requirements better and provide them with the best of services.

5. Talent Management Practices

In today’s fiercely competitive market place, the biggest challenge that most organizations face is attracting and retaining the best talent at a competitive cost. Broadly the challenges around human capital management can be defined as follows:

  • Defining the needed talent
  • Attracting a sound applicant pool
  • Selecting the most qualified
  • Getting new hires up to speed fast
  • Determining who’s ready for a new job
  • Getting the most out of employees
  • Succession management
  • Helping your people gain an understanding of their competencies
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Retaining the best employees

At KDMSL, we follow a dynamic and ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing a talent pool for future critical roles to ensure continuity and effective organizational performance. Our Talent Management structure is illustrated below:

6. Technology & Infrastructure


With over 50,000 square feet of built infrastructure, we have used technology to enable our business and deliver services with cutting edge technology. We have established a dedicated technology data center at Hyderabad with built-in all purpose redundancies to support our clients in Hyderabad.

The various aspects with regards to technology are described below:


We have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure for its data and server farms and has tied up with leading technology companies for supply of enterprise class server hardware and high end workstations for work desks. With an inhouse technology team of more than 100 employees, we provide continuous systems integration and support for the facilities at our offices.

The server infrastructure supports hybrid platforms and can be configured and scaled to match client requirements. The hardware facilities have been designed for high availability and scalability to handle large transaction volumes. The work desks are equipped with the finest workstations for enhanced system performance at operational levels.

Software Development

IT applications that are used are developed inhouse customized to meet changing client requirements. The inhouse development team is fully equipped with the latest tools of development and are trained and certified periodically with the industry best practices by experts from the industry


The local area networks are deployed using Cat6 cables for data and Cat5 cables for voice with the facility to create segregated virtual user and corporate LANs. Logical access restrictions are in place for authenticated access to critical data and information resources. Customer networks are segregated by physical / virtual LANs.

More recently we have also started migrating to the MPLS network to connect with our branches and provide world class infrastructure at each of our locations.

7. Quality & Compliance

At KDMSL, Quality & Compliance is not just about implementing a set of processes or methodologies; it is more of an attitude, a way of life. Our commitment to quality and regulatory affairs is one of full compliance, be they local, national or international standards or norms and regulations. We are focused and obsessed with maintaining the highest Quality standards and delivering 100 per cent defect-free services to customers.

A dedicated Quality Control Department and a strict Quality Assurance Policy guarantees consistent quality of all our processes. We adhere to the six sigma and E-SCM Principles and focus on areas critical to a process and on areas critical to quality.

Following aspects are continuously monitored to ensure consistent level of quality:

8. Service Offering Landscape

Our service landscape touches every possible entity associated with each industry vertical we service today. Our bouquet of service offerings covers all the entities in the value chain.

Today, in real terms we are one of the very few service providers who can scale up to match customer requirements and provide end-to-end solutions to clients across the geographic and services layer.

9. Process Excellence

Our integrated approach to BPM (Business Process Management) and (Performance Management) provide solutions that influence business strategy and transformation. These solutions provide answers to business challenges and deliver substantial ROI to our customers by improving operational flexibility by maximizing coherence between business and Technology, efficiency, customer satisfaction, minimizing revenue leakages and non-aligned processes. Our focus is to:

  • Build automation led robust, efficient and KPI based processes that deliver quality and uniform services consistently
  • Improve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement by engaging lean, six sigma principles on an ongoing basis
  • Reduce cost of operations

10. Legacy & Recognition

  • Karvy, one of India’s largest integrated financial services enterprise set up by 5 young professionals. Karvy Consultants Limited, the flagship company of the group then, was incorporated on 23rd July 1981.
  • Karvy services over 60 million individual investors in various capacities, and provides investor services to over 300 corporates & 24 AMCs.
  • Karvy covers the entire spectrum of financial services such as registry services, stock broking, depository participants, distribution of financial products, insurance broking, commodities broking, personal finance advisory services, and merchant banking, among others.
  • Karvy has a work force of over 10,000 personnel drawn from various disciplines and have consistently been ranked amongst the top 5 in select areas of business in the country.
  • Karvy has the largest network of branches across the country. We have a network of 400+ branches spread across the country and have the best in class technology to support this network.
  • Karvy was the first organization, in its line of business, to achieve the distinction of receiving an ISO 9002 certification and have now migrated to ISO 9001:2008 standards, for quality management systems, certified by DNV.